Laura Edgecombe and The Father's Bass Violin

art by Scopophobia
Laura Edgecombe was a promising young musician who never felt she got the attention her talent deserved. The fact that she never passed up a chance to explain this to her superiors mixed with a growing opiate addiction that caused her to miss concerts led to fewer and fewer job opportunities and a growing debt to the city's drug dens.

Angry and frustrated she hungered for revenge and this is just what the Cult of the Hollow Void promised her when they found her. All she had to do was to play her instrument and hour every night, and tell her masters what she heard.

Blessed by The Father of Nothing, her bass violin is made up of the still living bodies of several of her old bosses. No music can be heard when she plays it, only a strong buzzing as a cloud of flies spreads from the open mouth of the body. The flies spread out over the city's streets and buildings and when they return an hour later Laura is struck by visions of what they have seen.

Laura proved more resourceful and intelligent than the cult expected and has begun using information not deemed directly useful to the cult by selling it or as grounds for blackmail. This has put Laura in an unexpected position of power that the Father hopes will come in handy soon.

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