Star-spore Mutant

Hit Points: 5d8
Armor Class: 14
2 Attacks: 2 Slams 1d6
Movement: 90'
Morale: 12
Special Abilities: The Star-spore Mutants sacks of puss will burst upon death and everyone within 10' will have to Save vs Breath Weapon or be covered in purple puss and spores and take 1d6 damage. Star-spore Mutants take 3d6 damage from  this attack and this may trigger a chain reaction.
Saves as a level 1 Fighter.
No Appearing: 1-entire city populations.

The story usually goes something like this: A meteor crashes down in a field somewhere and of course someone can't keep their hands away from it. The alien spores on the meteor is transferred unknowingly from person to person until it somehow ends up on a recently deceased corpse. Moments later the corpse starts jerking and big puss filled sacks starts growing around the neck and head of the corpse who then get up on it's feet and start killing everyone around it, creating more and more of the mutants.

It does not want to eat your brain. It does not care about your soul. It will just try to kill you so that you too can rise up and spread the Star-spores.

(art by Alex Konstad)

Sometimes I save pictures I find on the web and turn them into monsters. Unless noted, the picture was found in the wild and the source/artist is unknown to me, sorry about that. 

All stats assume that an unarmored human move 120' (divide by 3 to get combat movement) and an ascending AC where an unarmored human have AC 12. Unless specifically noted, the creature saves as a Fighter with a level equal to the creatures HD. 

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