The Cult of the Hollow Void

The Father of Nothing needs henchmen, worshippers, followers. A cult.

They are worshipping emptiness, so they are going to be people who either are so damaged and depressed that they rather feel nothing; alcoholics and addicts of other mind-numbing drugs, PSTD perople returning from the war or people who have suffered tragic losses make perfect recruits. Other followers may be those so hate-filled and vengeance seeking that they stop for nothing, those who do not care what happens to others or themselves as long as their target for revenge gets something worse. Whatever category they belong too, they usually do not realize what the coming of the God of What is Between actually would lead to, they do however know that worshipping him and recruiting more to do so will sometimes grant them blessings.

Hollow Mind
Magic-User Level 1
Duration: 1 Round/Level
Range: 60'
Hollow Mind targets a person within range who must Save vs Spell or have it's mind filled with a black hollowness and apathy. During the duration of the spell the target feel nothing but a apathy and is unable to take any other actions than moving at half the normal rate or Parry. The target also takes a -2 modification on AC and all rolls to Save during the duration of the spell.

Blessing of the Black Void
Cleric or Magic-User Level 2
Duration: 1 Turn/Level
Range: 50'
The Father of Nothing's Priest may give His blessing to 2+Level willing followers. They lose the ability to feel pain and are granted 1d6+Level extra hit points. When the spell duration ends all pain felt during the spell will hit the target at ounce, causing 1d3+half the total damage taken during the spell duration, potentially killing the target. If the target still has extra hit points left after this, they are removed.

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