The Father of Nothing

(art by Devin Francisco)
The Father of Nothing, God of What is Between, Lord of the Hollow Emptiness, Nameless Horror of the Black Void.

On the Day of Swine and Roses it will rise and will drag itself across the worlds open wounds and turn them into nothing. It gives it's worshippers the gift of absence. Absence of physical and emotional pain and bad memories. The absence of joy and happiness comes later and the indifference is almost always there to begin with. You do not start worshipping the Black Void cause you care about other people.

Worshippers are also granted magic gifts, spells or magic items usually related to destruction, obliteration and the Pseudobulbar affect. Examples:

Hargyn's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter (LotFP-version)
Magic-User Level 2
Duration: 1 Round/Level
Range: 180'
The victims of Hargyn's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter must Save vs Spell or perceive everything as hilariously and debilitatingly funny. All affected beings must be living and have an Int of 5 or more.
The effect is not immediate, and creatures feel only a slight tingling on the round the spell is cast. On the round immediately following, victims acquire a rictus grin, then begin to giggle, chuckle, titter, snicker and guffaw. During this round they have a -1 modification on their AC.
In the third round they will grow weaker and begin to stagger, breaking into gales of agonised laughter. During this round they cannot use Shields, lose any positive AC bonuses from Dexterity and get a -2 modification to their AC.

More stuff regarding the Father of Nothing are sure to follow.

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