What I currently play and why

I'm currently running two games, one campaign in Pathfinder, set in Kaer Maga on Golarion and one campaign in Lamentations of the Flame Princess, set in England on a kind of dark magical earth circa 1615.

The players in the PF campaign are a bunch of friends with a mixed experience of playing. One of them started playing around the time I was born 30-ish years ago and another one is a newbie. The campaign is pretty much standard fantasy new school D&D with some of my personal tastes mixed in to it. I'm not gonna spoil anything for my players so I'll shut up about exactly what's in there.
Most of all it's fantasy, easy standard fantasy with rules most know well enough. It's safe and secure. It's also a bit complex and hard to tamper with without breaking stuff.

The LotFP campaign is set in Europe 1615-ish with magic and gunpowder. It's not in any way meant to be historically correct, the Earth-setting is meant to make the world familiar. The magic and monsters are meant to be unknown and mystical. There are no other races than humans and monsters are mostly one of a kind stuff so there are no goblins or orcs or armies of undead. Magic-Users risk being burned at the stake and magic items are probably going to be nasty and weird. No +1 swords. The players are all people I played with as a teenager and they all stopped playing circa 10 years ago. The benefit of this is that they seem to pretty much agree to go with all my ideas without any major objections and everything seems new and fresh to them.

These are stories of Wonders and Witchcraft.

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