The Medusa Plague

Larry Elmore
For over fifty years people in Normandy people have been found dead with part of their bodies transformed into live snakes. Sometimes it's just a hand or an arm, sometimes the persons head has snakes instead of hair and in some cases only a nightshirt full of slithering snakes is all that is found. 

The locals call it The Medusa Plague but most speak of it as a curse placed on the people of the region. Opinions differ on the curse origins but the most common ones to blame is a coven of witches said to have tormented the region half a century ago or God himself, as a punishment for the rumored worship of the Norse Gods still said to occur in the region. 

Whatever the source, the issue seem to be more and more common and just a month ago a chain reaction resulted in was triggered when more than 15 people ended up dead in a tavern outside of Lisieux.


Masks of the Headhunters

Art by Sam Flegal

These masks are made from the skin of an unknown animal and covers the lower half of the wearers face. They are usually decorated with a monstrous grin of some legendary beast or demon. Legends claim they either come from a group of savage warriors of the southern steppes or vicious cannibals from the jungles to the east. They were brought here by a band of travellers and adventurers who upon their return earned their silver by hunting down criminals and witches.

The wearer are able to sense the general direction of where a specific person can be found. If the wearer of the mask also have a part of the person (hair, still wet saliva, toe etc.) or an object with emotional importance for the person (wedding band, spell book, pet etc.) the distance to the person can also be estimated. The direction or distance is never exact.

Using this ability requires ten minutes of undisturbed meditation and the wearer have been wearing the mask for more than half of the last week days. When this ability is used the wearers hair will grow of up to 2" of snow white hair.