The Medusa Plague

Larry Elmore
For over fifty years people in Normandy people have been found dead with part of their bodies transformed into live snakes. Sometimes it's just a hand or an arm, sometimes the persons head has snakes instead of hair and in some cases only a nightshirt full of slithering snakes is all that is found. 

The locals call it The Medusa Plague but most speak of it as a curse placed on the people of the region. Opinions differ on the curse origins but the most common ones to blame is a coven of witches said to have tormented the region half a century ago or God himself, as a punishment for the rumored worship of the Norse Gods still said to occur in the region. 

Whatever the source, the issue seem to be more and more common and just a month ago a chain reaction resulted in was triggered when more than 15 people ended up dead in a tavern outside of Lisieux.

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