Sunday Bloody Sunday

So this I ran a session of my homebrew Pathfinder Campaign. It ended with a TPK due to a challenging encounter and players trying to be heroic. It was a pretty nice encounter. Two Shambling Mounds in an interesting environment that forced the players to think.

As the dust settled I offered to run the Reign of Winter adventure path next time. More Pathfinder. I'm already regretting that decision. Checking stats for an opponent that might be faced in the first session and I run into this: "Spell like Abilities: X". Having no idea what X do I check the SRD. "X is like Y but with adjustment A". This is on level 1. The Reign of Winter AP goes from level 1 to level 17. How do people run this game without access to a computer and a proper browser? 50 SRD tabs open?

Hopefully the Baba Yaga-connection and all the crazy stuff included will keep me from giving up.

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