The Wolf Paw of Mornstab

Art by Mark Winters
Once a mighty warrior and leader of their own tribe of fierce Threalites, Mornstab lost a hand in battle with one of the many monstrous beasts of the Threal Darkwoods. Mornstab turned to the oldest of the Threal gods for help, and with the blessing of one of those nameless gods they found help. A dozen fresh hearts from Darkwood Wolves fueled the fire that birthed the bracelet know as The Wolf Paw of Mornstab, a bracelet that gives it's wearer the ability to regrow lost limbs as those of a feral beast.

Art by Gido
Mornstabs tribe is no more, rumor speak of a terrible curse on the bracelet that turned the whole tribe into mindless lycanthropes that finished the once proud tribe. But Mornstab, a multigendered Threalite, both fathered and mothered several children. One of them is rumored to have brought the Paw away from the tribe before the curse finished it.

Wearing the bracelet will make a lost limb regrow as a wolf limb in 1-4 weeks. A lost arm or hand will result in claws that can be used as a weapon for 1d6 damage, but it will be impossible to use for any delicate work. Anyone who survives being hit by the claw has to save vs magic or turn into a werewolf in 1-4 months.

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