Spells from the Metal Archive I

Here's the first four spells I've created with the Raggi/Metal Archives method. The have all been added to the spell sheet.

Mantle (Burden)
Black Magic/Magic-User Level 2
Duration: Level+1d4 Rounds
Range: 0
The casters clothes animates and grows, wrapping itself around the him and becomes solid, both protecting and slowly suffocating him. Meanwhile the earth boil and the air dissipate in a 30' radius around the caster. Creatures in this area takes 1d6 damage from the boiling earth every round and must succeed at a Save vs Paralyze or risk tripping, limiting their movement to half their speed every round.

The caster clothes protects him against most of this, he takes 1 point of damage every round and has to Save vs Poison every round after the 3rd or risk falling unconscious. This does not end the spell. The casters clothes also turns rock solid, giving the caster a AC of 20 for the duration of the spell.

Fall as August (Switchblade)
Black Magic/Magic-User Level 2
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: Touch
The witch can cause organic matter to start to rot with a simple touch. For non-living matter (food, a wooden door etc) half a pound can be affected per level of the caster. For living, but not sentient matter (a tree, a field of growing grass) a quarter of a pound can be affected.

If the spell is cast on a living creature the targets suffer 1d6 damage and get to Save vs Poison or also take 1d6 Temporary Constitution (Exhaustion) damage as the flesh starts to rot.

Living Fire (Imagine Iris)
Black Magic/Magic User Level 3
Duration: 1 Round/Level
Range: 60'
The warlock can take parts of a flame and give it life temporarily. The Living Fire separates itself from it's source and grows to an orb of 1' across. The caster can then control it for the spells duration as long as he concentrates (only movement possible, no attacks or parrying etc.). If something happens that cause the warlock to lose his concentration (he attacks, takes more points of damage than his level, etc) the Living Fire will start to randomly attack people within it's movement range.

The Living Fire has HD equal to the casters level, attacks twice per round for 1d6 damage each against the targets unarmored AC and has a movement equal to that of an unencumbered human. It's immune to fire and takes double damage from Cold or Water sources.

In My Darkest Glory (Hellimunan)
Black Magic/Magic-User Level 3
Duration: 1 Round/Level
Range: Touch
The target of the spell and all her belongings become darker until it looks like a creature of a cloudless nightsky. For the duration of the spell the targets base AC is 17 and she can attack twice per round for 1d6 damage against opponents unarmored AC or, if holding a weapon for one die larger than the held weapon against the opponents normal AC. At the end of the spell duration the target suffers 1d4+Level Temporary Constitution (Exhaustion) damage.

An unwilling target of the spell may gain a Save vs Magic to resist the spell.

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