The First and Second Weapon

A post over at Goblin Punch included a great idea: The First and Second Weapon. So I decided to do my own versions.

Before language, before fire there was conflict. The first conflict between men were fought over a piece of fist sized meteorite rock that a man and his friend found in a still smoking crater. Man and Friend thought the rock to be alluring and when Man would not let Friend touch the meteorite Friend grabbed a piece of Black Oak and used it as a club to strike down Man in envy. Friend kept on beating Man until Man made no sounds and reached for the smooth black rock when Man suddenly stroke back. Man hit Friend until Friend made no sounds and bled no more.
With the Second Weapon in hand Man had become the first Murdered. Man picked up Friends club and became the first Conqueror.
(Image from the first Doctor Who serial "An Unearthly Child", probably from the episode "The Cave of Skulls")
The First Weapon is a two foot long slightly bent wooden club of black oak with a small head. It's magical nature means that it should be treated as a small weapon instead of a minor one. For every successful strike against a specific opponent the wielder also get a +1 (cumulative) bonus to the roll to hit that opponent.

The Second Weapon is a smooth piece of black meteorite about the size of a fist. It should be treated as a small weapon with a +1 bonus to hit. When the wielder is hurt and has 4 or less hit points left the damage done by the second weapon is increased by one type of dice for every hit until the wielder is healed or the battle is over.

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