Village Map: Bergerhof

My first serious attempt at making a map over a Village. I think this is the final version. I won't bother shading this one. I'll try that next time. Moleskine sketchbook and Sakura Micron pens.

The village pictured is Bergerhof in northwestern Faceny in the campaign world Lichstorm. Bergerhof is a small village with a church and free standing bell tower, a manor with a hop garden. More farms are found to the south, but to the north there isn't much else than swamps before you reach the northern mountains and the lands of forever winter.

People of interest:

  • Reinhold Meyer - Alderman and owner of the Manor. Takes pride in the fact that his family is from Rees, a much more civilized place than this Zarforgotten village. Have never actually been in Rees but has heard plenty of stories from parents (who never left Bergerhof) 
  • Wilhelm Hasselmann - Brewer and owner of Bergerhof Inn. His family has been brewing Meyers Altbier for generations. 
  • Helga Heider - Priestess of Zar. She do believe that Zar is the one true God, and that Order and Growth is what life is about. She's just so bored of all these traditions and rules...
  • Heine Seck - Local eccentric. May be a wizard. Definitely an alcoholic.
  • Magdalena Beitz - Smith. Magdalena is from Hinteralden but is said to have travelled all over Faceny. She came to Bergerhof 7 years ago, and managed to fall in love, get married, get pregnant and become a widow in less than 3 months. She took over her husbands smithy when he suddenly died and she's rumored to have an actual sword hidden somewhere in her house. 

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