Moleskine Referee Screen

I made my own LotFP/W&W Ref Screen out of a Moleskine Japanese Album (large). It has more space for stuff than I need and I pretty much have every rule from LotFP and half of the tables from Vornheim in there. I let the players use the side towards them for putting up post its with names and notes.

And this is how it looks when I carry it around:

It's also just a tiny bit smaller than A5, meaning it's just a tiny bit smaller than the LotFP-books and the rest of my notebooks.


Spells from the Metal Archive II

Decided I wanted to add some more spells to the spell sheet using the Metal Archives-method. I click random band (Melmak), roll a dice to decide what release (Cosmic Pain) and another dice to see what track i get. Collective Suicide. Oh, ok.

Collective Suicide (Melmak)
Black Magic/Magic-User Level 6
Duration: Special
Range: Special
The caster must spend a full round casting this spell and on the following round attempt suicide by either attacking himself with some kind of sharp weapon, drinking a deadly poison, jumping off a cliff or similar. Every sentient mortal/living creature in the immediate area that the caster is aware of must Save vs Magic every round. If they fail they will use their next action to attempt suicide using the most efficient way possible. If there is a cliff, spike pit or a row of nooses available these will be used first. Creatures using their own weapons take 1d6 damage per attack and unarmed self harm by for example banging your head against a wall cause 1d4 damage.

This will go on until the caster stop harming himself.

En Lilje I Mitt Blod/A Lily in My Blood (Taakeferd)
White Magic/Magic-User Level 5
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: Touch
The caster draws a fleur-de-lis in his own blood on the skin of the target to help the target regain some of it's lost purity. This will remove all traces of venom or poison the target suffers or one curse. If the target is affected by more than one affliction, the most recently gained affliction is removed first. If the target suffers from no such affliction the target heals 1d6+Level of the caster Hit Points to a maximum of 1d6+5 at level 5. 

Feelings of a Thoughtless Mind (Of Agony and Death)
Black Magic/Magic-User Level 5
Duration: 1 Round/Level or special.
Range: Touch
The caster forces the target and the caster into a state of thoughtless trance unless the target succeeds at a Save vs Magic. The target gets to save against the spell once per round. While in this trance, no action is possible and all feelings of pleasure or pain are heightened. Anyone who takes damage while under this spell must Save vs Magic again or take an extra 1d6 Exhaustion (replace with normal damage if not using Exhaustion). 

The spell lasts for 1 round per level or until either the target or the caster falls unconscious or dies. 


Map of Irontick

This is an in-game map over the underground kingdom of Irontick. It shows the major paths between the three gates and the major halls and settlements. Each marked with the crest of the settlement. The paths are marked with what looks like rails for a reason and the uneven spacing of the lines marking the boards under the rail are uneven for a reason; they mark the distance between one hall to another.

Think of this as nothing more than an abstract guide, something like the map of a subway system.

I can't tell you much more of Irontick other than it's rumored to be where the dwarves lived, before they all died. Anything else might spoilt fun surprises for my players who might read this.


Glacial Toad

7 HD 
AC 16
Bite: 3d8 and Swallow
Movement 120' 
Morale 8

Special Abilities 
Swallow - When the Toad hits with a bite attack the target must Save vs Paralyze or be swallowed whole. A swallowed character automatically takes 1d6 in damage every round. Breaking out can be done by using a small sharp wepon and cutting a way out (AC12 and 10% of creatures total HP needed) or breaking out with a Open Doors check.
Glacial Aura - Anyone in melee range of the Glacial Toad takes 1d6 in damage from the creatures magical aura of intense cold.
Fire Vulnerability & Cold Immunity - The Glacial Toad takes double damage from fire and heat but is immune to damage from cold sources.
No Appearing: Unique

The Glacial Toad is a magical creature, the result of an experiment involving Enlarge and Polymorph Other. It's about the size of a horse and covered in ice crystals. It's lazy and not evil, but due to it's laziness and huge appetite it's almost always hungry. And It will eat anything it's big enough to swallow.

(art by Mitch Cotie)

Sometimes I save pictures I find on the web and turn them into monsters. Unless noted, the picture was found in the wild and the source/artist is unknown to me, sorry about that. 

All stats assume that an unarmored human move 120' (divide by 3 to get combat movement) and an ascending AC where an unarmored human have AC 12. Unless specifically noted, the creature saves as a Fighter with a level equal to the creatures HD.