Glacial Toad

7 HD 
AC 16
Bite: 3d8 and Swallow
Movement 120' 
Morale 8

Special Abilities 
Swallow - When the Toad hits with a bite attack the target must Save vs Paralyze or be swallowed whole. A swallowed character automatically takes 1d6 in damage every round. Breaking out can be done by using a small sharp wepon and cutting a way out (AC12 and 10% of creatures total HP needed) or breaking out with a Open Doors check.
Glacial Aura - Anyone in melee range of the Glacial Toad takes 1d6 in damage from the creatures magical aura of intense cold.
Fire Vulnerability & Cold Immunity - The Glacial Toad takes double damage from fire and heat but is immune to damage from cold sources.
No Appearing: Unique

The Glacial Toad is a magical creature, the result of an experiment involving Enlarge and Polymorph Other. It's about the size of a horse and covered in ice crystals. It's lazy and not evil, but due to it's laziness and huge appetite it's almost always hungry. And It will eat anything it's big enough to swallow.

(art by Mitch Cotie)

Sometimes I save pictures I find on the web and turn them into monsters. Unless noted, the picture was found in the wild and the source/artist is unknown to me, sorry about that. 

All stats assume that an unarmored human move 120' (divide by 3 to get combat movement) and an ascending AC where an unarmored human have AC 12. Unless specifically noted, the creature saves as a Fighter with a level equal to the creatures HD. 

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