Random Encounters in Faceny

Random encounters for Faceny in Lichtstorm intended to be used when the party is traveling somewhat close to civilization and once an event comes up it should be crossed off and replaced by something else. 

It can probably be used for any generic european-medieval style of campaign world with little or no confusion.  
  1. Someone has erected a War Memorial close to the road. It may be to honor the dead soldiers that came from a nearby Village or the ones who fell in a specific battle. There is a 50% chance that a recent offering of flowers or grain can be found at the memorial. There is a 1% chance to find a a silver amulet worth 2d10 x10 sp left as a tribute.
  2. Ruins of a farm. Only a few piles of stone and a well remains where a farm once stood. There is a 10% chance that the well contains some treasure and a 10% chance that the water is diseased. 
  3. Hunter specializing in catching beasts or freaks, paralyzing them and selling them to the rich merchants in the nearest large city.
  4. A strange pile of stones are the chimney to a since long abandoned Dwarf smithy. The entrance is hidden somewhere close by and there are some fine weapons (worth 10x normal price) to be found inside but the smithy has been taken over by some kind of vermin. 1: 1d6 Badgers, 2: 2d6 Giant Rats, 3: 1d8 Wolves, 4: 2d8 Giant Centipedes. 
  5. Merchant caravan from closest harbor town, on their way to a city carrying exotic wares. There is a 20% chance that the wares are all fake. 
  6. A group of adventurers with a treasure map pointing to a hidden cache of silver nearby. A reaction roll decides if they are willing to share some of the loot for help finding it or if they are paranoid about competition. Either way there is a 30% chance that the treasure is just some loose change and a cursed item and there is a 50% chance that the treasure i guarded by 3d10 skeletons. 
  7. A sign warns travelers of plague in the next village and tries to tempt people to go down a less used path through a valley, forest or other area good for a surprise attack. 2d10 bandits are waiting and will try to rob the party. Every fifth bandit is a level 3 fighter. They all have a morale score of 1d12 with a  higher morale indicating a higher level of desperation and aggression. 
  8. 1d4 bodies hang from trees. A sign warning passerby's to get too close to them mention that they have been hanged for crimes of 1: Black Magic, 2: Robbery, 3: Treason, 4: Bestiality, 5: Rape, 6: Horse theft. 
  9. 2d4 guards are harassing a poor farmer for not being able to pay tax. 
  10. Travelling noble with followers are on their way to the next village. If the party stops at the next in the noble will arrive later or already be there. They will occupy most of the nice rooms, try to get the best drink and food and at least one will try to start a fight or seduce a member of the party. 
  11. A lone spy working for an enemy of the local lord are trying to find someone who can burn down the local lords nearby hunting cabin. There is a 20% chance that the cabin is currently in use. The spy is willing to pay well for the job. 
  12. 2d4 Runaway children. There is a 20% chance that one of them is a magician and a 10% chance that they will try to trick the players and later try to murder them in their sleep. 
  13. A lone traveling White Mage with some healing potions for sale and restorative spells available for a donation. 
  14. Corrupt guards looking for bribes.
  15. Traveling band of musicians or actors who can share news from the area around them or share their food for hearing about the heroic deeds of the party.
  16. 1d4+1 adventurers burying a body of 1: someone they murdered. 2: someone they found murdered on the road. 3: a madman who attacked them. 4: Their mage friend who died from corruption, they now have a spellbook with 1d4 spells for sale. 
  17. 3d12 Prisoners or slaves working on building a new stone bridge to replace the rotten wooden bridge nearby. If possible they will try to use the party to create chaos so that they can escape. They are guarded by 3d6 guards. 
  18. In a ditch there is a wagon carrying a wooden chest with something locked inside it. The driver of the wagon is found nearby, a crossbow bolt still stuck in his guts. 
  19. A camp with a caravan. Servants are stressed and wondering if the party have any sort of medical expertise that can help their sick master. 
  20. A group of hunters who are looking for a huge aggressive bear that they just managed to piss off by hitting with an arrow.  
  21. A traveler from a far away land being chased out of town by xenophobic peasants. 
  22. 2 local nobles chose this spot for an illegal duel over jealousy. 
  23. A monastery and a nunnery is celebrating a secret festival together. During daytime they are setting up a table for a fine dinner, during the evening they have already begun eating and drinking, during the night the celebration will escalate to an orgy and in the morning they will be passed out or waking up, slowly going back to where they came from, in shame. 
  24. A group of true believers still faithful to the old ways are traveling across the country trying to get people turn back to the old ways. 
  25. 2d4 deserters from the army of a nearby lord are looking for a buried treasure on a nearby field. They just ate hallucinogenic mushrooms by mistake and are freaking out. 
  26. The body of a servant from a nearby manor, drained of all blood with what looks like bite marks on the body. 30% chance that someone in the manor is actually a vampire in service of the god of death, 70% chance that someone is trying to create a rumor.    
  27. A merchant hiding not yet illegal drugs in a sack of flour. He tries to convince the party to escort him due to rumors of bandits in the vicinity. The bandits are really henchmen of a competing drug dealer. 
  28. A lone parent is begging for money, claiming to be escaping from an abusive partner. 
  29. A group of orthodox believers are campaigning for the local lord to ban alcohol. 
  30. A building under attack from newly awakened undead. 

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