The Shadow Wolves of Schwarzwald

Hit Points: 3d8+3
Armor Class: 15
2 Attacks: Bite 1d6, Claw 1d4+1
Movement: 240'
Morale: 10
Special Abilities: Takes half damage from everything that is not fire, silver or magic. Suprises 4 in 6.
No Appearing: 1-6

The villagers of southern Germany tell stories of demonic wolves that hunt among the trees. They say that no weapon can harm it's fur made of shadows and their glowing red eyes and that the Shadow Wolves will eat your soul and send you forever to burn in hell once they catch you. Some will tell you that they will never stop hunting you and others say that the only way to get away is to leave the bloody corpse of a deer for them to feast upon. They won't tell you that the corpse of a fellow man will probably work as well, but once the red eyes are spotted some men will realize that they are guaranteed to be running faster than the man with a knife in his back.

Sometimes I save pictures I find on the web and turn them into monsters. Unless noted, the picture was found in the wild and the source/artist is unknown to me, sorry about that. 

All stats assume that an unarmored human move 120' (divide by 3 to get combat movement) and an ascending AC where an unarmored human have AC 12. Unless specifically noted, the creature saves as a Fighter with a level equal to the creatures HD. 

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